The Andrews Addition encompasses a small apartment, boat storage, small office and shop space located in the back alley of a historic Houston Heights property. Implications of towing a large boat through the storage space dictated centering this structure between two existing houses on the property. The apartment, shop and office were separated from the boat storage to lower the scale and encourage activities in the common outside space between the buildings.

The apartment is situated over the shop and office space separated with an open corridor. The corridor visually separates the activities and aligns with a large tree and the boat storage entry in the common space. The boat storage has three large rolling metal doors for access while a forth rolling metal door opens up the shop. These dynamic elements dramatically change the appearance and function of the outside common space. The architecture is further animated with the apartment stair and small landing that spans between the two structures adding a third dimension to the activities.

Metal roofing, horizontal siding, wood decking, and rolling metal doors reflect a continuity with other historic alley houses and industrial structures in the area.

image 4-1
Northeast Alley

image 4-2
East Alley Entry

image 4-3
West Entry
image 4-4
West Elevation

image 4-5

image 4-6
East Alley
image 4-7
Aerial View

image 4-8
North Boat Storage

image 4-9
First Floor Plan
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