The following projects represent a diverse sampling of more inspirational examples of our work. What they have in common is a serious client with an open mind, and good communication of unique program requirements that led to a compelling design concept, and ultimately a strong design solution. Regardless of which projects are more successful, all the work is approached with the same degree of enthusiasm and commitment to significant, timeless design.

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project 1
Houston, Texas

project 2
Klaus Residence
New Ulm, Texas

project 3
Owego, New York

project 4
Andrews Residence
Houston, Texas

project 5
Little Bighorn Memorial
Crow Agency, Montana

project 6
Lighting Control Panel
Rutledge, PA

project 7
Palmer Art Studio
Houston, Texas

project 8
Woodland Heights
Houston, Texas

project 9
6NE, The Huntingdon
Houston, Texas

project 10
River Oaks Residence
Houston, Texas

project 11
Cortlandt Street
Houston, Texas

project 12
Southampton Residence
Photos Pending